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To all of our players, thank you for sticking with us through beta, and the continuation of Avarius. Even though we are still in beta, we plan on continuing to grow and hope you continue to stay with us! However, we have some changes that we need you to be aware of.

Staff Team Changes

Staff Applications:
We are changing the way staff applications work. From now on, staff applications will be reviewed on the 15th and at the end of each month. If we like you but we have enough staff, your application will be put on pending, if not it will be denied. However, still maintain a good figure in the community as it can be denied at any time. Only Owners, Managers, and Head Admins can do applications.

Staff Positions:
Senior Admin has been changed to Head Admin. Senior Admin did not feel appropriate so we felt it would be best if it was changed.

Previously, the Developer management was very disorganized. Developers had access to the whole server, console and all, with permissions to all commands. To clean this up, Developers will now have restricted permissions and if anything is going to be pushed onto the server it will require a Head Admin or above. In-game, Developers will get limited permissions however they will have their own test server.

Administrators: Admin permissions are being revamped. From now on, regular admins will not have permissions to * (permission to all commands).

Server Changes

The anticheat is being removed due to it resulting in more false bans than positive and not being very effective. However, there will be /report on every server to notify staff members.

/staff: /staff has been added on all servers. When you run the command it will give you a list of all the staff on the network and tell you what server they are on. You will be able to contact them from any server with global messaging.

Avarius has been released for about 7 hours now and we've gotten over 300 unique joins! Thanks! The server is now up so if you'd like to join; please connect to play.avarius.org! We've got some donations, had some fun and noticed some bugs.

Greetings! I am very excited to announce that Avarius has released!

Kind Regards,
Hey everyone, quick little giveaway to get the forums a little bit more active. To enter all you have to do is invite (At least) 2 people and have them post "#beaversgiveaway" and "Introduced by (Name)" on their profile.

There will be 2 winners
Emerald Rank and 3 Mega keys
#2: Emerald Rank and 3 Mega keys

Giveaway ends when we release.